Drupal content management system

Drupal CMS sistem

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source content management system written in PHP. Drupal has a broad application range: from simple, personal presentations, blogs to robust business websites for e-commerce. Currently, Drupal is the safest and the most stable platform for creating dynamic websites.

Why is Drupal better than the other platforms?

  • Several thousand programmers are working on the Drupal Core (the base) making it better and safer every day.
  • Modularity - the possibility of extending the basic functions by simply upgrading the existing modules.
  • Cheaper development - due to the multitude of ready solutions, development is much cheaper and also faster.
  • Stable - even with increased number of requests.
  • Expendable functions (a possibility of creating own modules).


Websites powered by Drupal:

  • www.whitehouse.gov - the official residence and principal workplace of the President of The United States of America
  • www.louvre.fr - the world’s most famous museum
  • www.mtv.com - the world’s biggest music TV channel
  • www.ubuntu.com -  the world’s most popular free operating system
  • etc.

Studio Present is involved in the Drupal community:

  • As users of the module, we sometimes notice some shortcomings that we instantly modify and share with the community.
  • We design various modules, which connect Drupal and some services available in Serbia (like, automatic update of the list of products from the website Kupindo.com, sending SMS messages to users through Adriatek service, sending parcels and other packages automatically via courier service BEX, … )
  • We participate in Drupal conferences where we share our ideas and solutions with the Drupal community.

We at Studio Present also design special modules for our clients to satisfy all their professional needs. We can connect developed modules with your accounting software, telephone exchanges and so on. Simply put - we have a solution for every request you make!