Basic features of an online store
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301 Redirect

If you already own a web shop, we provide you a so-called 301 Redirect feature. It is the most efficient method for website redirection, and it preserves your Google search rankings, which means not loosing precious visits when you move your store into our system.

Cash on delivery

This option allows the customer to pay cash upon delivery, to choose the courier service and to be informed of the postage (the sending costs) immediately.

CMS system (blog, FAQ, news, photo gallery, instructions)

CMS system (The Content Management System) offers the possibility to:

  • Write blogs,
  • Write texts for frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Create a photo gallery
  • Create instructions or similar content

Customized for smart phones and tablets (responsive)

The web shop is automatically adjusted to smart phones and tablet devices providing an optimized and clear display. Therefore the customer can easily complete the purchase in your store without the conventional desktop computer. Your web shop is always available and operative. During a bus ride or when sitting in a coffee shop, the potential customer can browse through your offer and simply make a purchase. The only requirement is an Internet connection.

E-mails and notifications

When the purchase is finished:

  • the customer receives an e-mail - the confirmation of the order,
  • the administrator gets an e-mail saying a new order has been received

The texts can be administrated.

Free delivery

Free delivery feature. Free delivery may be based on the value of the order, for example, delivery may be free for the customer who spent more than 500 euros in your store.

Payment due upon merchandise pick up

If you own a store (meaning, physically), a customer can choose to pick up the order personally, and to pay then. This option benefits the customer, because he doesn’t have to pay the postage and also makes other paying methods available (customer loans, installment payment, etc.).

Postage calculator (based on the price)

You have the opportunity to set the price of the postage. You can determine a free postage policy, when someone exceeds a specified amount spent in your online store.

Product catalog

Product catalog.

Product search

This feature represents a basic product search with a given keyword. The system controls the title, the description and the product category in order to show the closest result.

Product variations

Imagine you are selling t-shirts. Every model has variations in size and color. This feature offers to group all of these under a same product, so you wouldn’t have to upload and display each size and each color as a separate product. The user can there choose the preferred color and size.

Purchase with registration or without it

Customer registration can be required in order to complete the purchase, but that is not always the case. You can decide to liberate your customers of this step.  

Related products

Related products are those that have something to do with the one a person is reviewing at the moment. Statistics show that this feature can increase sales, because these products are associated with the one that is being observed, and can serve as a recommendation (and reminder).

Advanced feature of an online store
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A product badge

You can promote certain products by a simple click. You have three options:

  • Special offer
  • New
  • Recommended

Automated billing

This automated billing process means that you are able to create a bill in PDF, or automatically print it out, based on the order specification.

Barcode module

A module that allows automatic generation of bar codes based on the enrolled numbers.

HTML module

The HTML module is for advanced users, and it enables you to customize certain parts of the website with HTML tags. Would that be in a form of a notification, or instruction or link - it’s up to you.

Photo protection

A logo (watermark) can protect the product images to prevent abuse.

Posting a YouTube video for a product

For each product you can post a link to a YouTube video, which can run on your web site.

Postage calculation (based on the weight)

The program automatically and immediately calculates the postage based on the weight of the product that the customer had put in the cart. If the customer adds more than one product to the cart, the program simply calculates in the additional weight.

Price conversion into multiple currencies

Based on the exchange rates that you specify or based on the rates of National Bank of Serbia, your prices can be expressed in multiple currencies.

Marketing tools/features
Function Bronze Silver Gold


Banners are a great way to highlight current special offers or emphasize a product that you believe will attract the customer's attention. A place for banners can also be rented to other companies for a certain amount of money or used for banner exchange. Web shops designed by Present Commerce have a predefined space for banners where you are free to advertise whatever you want. The choice is all yours.

Integration with Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

Social networks are essential for a successful modern online business. Integrating your web site with social networks using buttons, such as Facebook LIKE and SHARE button, Tweet, Google + button, etc. will bring you closer to your customers and make you more popular.

Landing pages

Do you want to offer your potential customers something that will interest them and draw their attention, but that specific content does not fit in the usual content on your website? There are separate pages - landing pages - that usually appear in response to clicking on a search result or an online advertisement. The landing page is usually a logical extension of the advertisement, search result or link. Its aim is to increase the quality of the advertisements, or give detai...

Manufacturer / Brand page

If your business model lean on multi brands offers it it good to have page / block that shows brand logos and ability to look all products from that particular brand. Many customers like to buy only one brand so lets show them only what they interested in.

New products

If you always adding some new products in your store, show your customers promoted block with new products on first page.

Recommender modul

If customer looking some product and want to buy it, it is good to display after description section, some recommended product for up-selling.
These products can be some spare parts, accessories related to main product, or some other product related some how to main product.
This is very effective way for enchasing sales and to add some more value to your store.
You can call this block also like "Customers who bought that products are bought these to"

Similar products module

Lets tell that customer looks some product page, but that offer is too cheap, or there is not black color variant, or some other reason... It is not good to leave those customers empty handed, lets show them "Similar products". This block shows them product from same category with same but different properties.




Coupons can really be used in a wide range of promotional activities. You can give them away to new customers, or buyers of a specific product, or give them away as a prize in a contest, you are able to reward loyal customers, and more. The use of coupons depends solely on your creativity. You can have percentage off coupons (which reduce the end price the customer pays by a certain percentage) or fixed coupons (which reduce the bill for a fixed amount). Coupons are made by creating a coupon code. A coupon code is a combination of letters. It can be predefined how many times a certain coupon code may be used.

Google remarketing integration

Google analytics provides a great amount of information that can be used to better utilize our ads and bring them closer to the target customers. Using the Google Remarketing you should be able to serve our Ad Words advertisements to those who have already visited your web shop, or those who have spent a specific amount of time there, or viewed a particular product/ page, or added products to the cart but never completed the purchase, and so on.


Program to send e-mail campaigns.

SMS notifications

After ordering something from your web shop, customers will be impatient and always ask millions of questions about the delivery. This feature allows you to send automatic SMS messages to customers informing them that their order has been sent, enabling them to prepare in time for its arrival.

Tools used to boost sale
Function Bronze Silver Gold

Product evaluation

Customers are able to evaluate products, by assigning them stars (as grades) from 1 to 5. This is a great source of information: which items are favored amongst customers; also, potential buyers can see other peoples’ reviews that can help them with their decision.

Special offer for a certain period of time (as a percentage or as a fixed deduction)

Define a special offer that will be available for a certain period of time. The prices can be deducted by a percentage or a fixed amount. You can set up weekend special offers, for example. This is a very useful and simple activity organisation wise, because you can simply set up the discount and the period during which the offer is available, and the system will automatically do the rest. You do not need to worry about anything.

Special product prices

This feature allows you to set up special prices for a certain products. Below the product overview, the previous (standard) price is shown but it is now crossed out and the new special price is displayed. The customer should have a clear insight into how lower is the price of the items on sale. This usually serves as a motivation.

TOP products

Visitors have the opportunity to mark certain items as TOP products. TOP products are later listed in a separate column. This feature enhances the selling of these items.

Volume (quantity) discount

You are able to automatically assign customers discounts when they purchase a certain quantity of an item. This is very suitable for special offers such as “buy 2, get 3”.

Wish list

Visitors can place products they like or intend to buy in a so-called wish list. This way, when they return to the web shop with the intention of actually purchasing, they do not need to search for the article all over again… They have easy access to the wanted products. This is an interesting tool, if you think of people who have found something they like, don’t have the money at the moment but intend to buy the article in the future. 

Recently viewed products

The Recently Viewed products is a tool that lists out the items the customer has viewed lately. The list includes a number of products, and the customer can easily access them.

The ability to change CSS

If you are familiar with the CSS, we give you the opportunity to customize the look of your website according to your own preferences.

PayPal payment

Customers can choose to pay their orders using the PayPal payment service.

Professional filtering and search

Comprehensive product search by certain criteria. It is possible to search the products by one criteria, and then filter the search results by the other. Example: if you are searching the website for a bike, the search results can be filtered according to specific criteria such as color, material or size. Products can also be filtered by defined criteria such as price (e.g. from 60 euros - to 100 euros).

Function Bronze Silver Gold

Bulk price update

Update the prices simply, easily and quickly, when the currency rate changes or the importer has set new conditions, etc. All you need is an Excel file with a code and a new price of the product, and in a few clicks all your prices on the website are updated. You can update the prices of just one item or the whole assortment.

Cumulative upload of the products (Excel file)

You will agree that it takes a lot of time to upload products on your website one by one, when you have, say 1,000 of them or more. For a quick upload, we have developed a special module. For this module an Excel file with all the products is sufficient, and in just a few clicks a large quantity of items is uploaded and available to customers. Almost every retailer already has an Excel price list, with its name, price and code. To such a file some more information would be added:

  • product category
  • images
  • brand.

Posting multiple images at once

It is always a good idea to post more images of the product, because this could help boost the sales. Using this feature you are able to easily post more photos, with a simple “drag and drop” option (by selecting more files at once). Every new image is instantly assigned an ALT and TITLE tag, according to the name of the product.

Simple order administration

Simple order administration.

The stock

This feature allows you to manage the stock in your web shop. This option ensures your customers get the correct information about which products are available in stock. It is up to you to decide whether to show the customer how many of a particular product is there in your shop, or to just let him know the product is available.

FTP access

If you need a FTP access, you only need to say so. FTP access is intended for advanced users.

Analytics and statistics
Function Bronze Silver Gold

Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics provides a complete analytical and statistical review of the visits to your web shop.
Some of the main parameters are: 

• the number of visits
• bounce rate
• retention time on the web site
• entry and exit pages
• keywords that visitors used when they got to you
• reference web sites that brought you visits
• devices used to access your web site
• traffic statistics - conversions

And many more useful options that can help you to better optimize your offer and increase sales.

Sales statistics

A calendar view of the sales - by days, months, weeks and years. With this feature, you can monitor which products are popular in particular seasons, so you can prepare in time for abundant sales. Simply follow the ups and downs in conversions.

Function Bronze Silver Gold

Google sitemap integration

A Google Sitemap integration is used to automatically submit new content to Google to keep it up to date. With this you get a better position on Google when a user searches for your products in the search engine.

Meta tag

Description and keyword meta tag for search engines

Webmaster tool integration

A Webmaster is a useful Google tool which allows you to monitor how Google sees your web shop.
• It’s a great help with search engine optimization - occurs immediately if there is something wrong with the web site and gives you advice how to improve it.

Hosting and security
Function Bronze Silver Gold

Daily backup

In any online business there is a fear of abuse. But you do not need to worry because we've already taken care of that. The complete web shop is copied to the security server on a daily basis, and in case of any abuse, your web shop can always go back to the previous state.

Applications and integrations
Function Bronze Silver Gold

Chat program integration

A Chat program is an exceptional tool for your web shop, because it directly improves the purchasing experience, as customers can always contact you through your web shop.

• Increase sales

• Easy to adjust

• The following chat platforms are currently supported: Zopim Chat, Banckle chat, Acobot

Integration with BEX

New Balkan Express (BEX) is a leading courier service in Serbia. We developed a system with BEX to provide automatic submitting of the data from your web shop to the courier service.  

  • Instead of rewriting the data into the BEX program, just one click is enough
  • The opportunity to save at least an hour of your time daily (if you have circa 30 packages a day)

Integration with Kupindo

Automated uploading of your products to the web shop With just one click, you can upload all of your products or just some of them on Kupindo. This will increase your sales greatly.
NOTE: You need to register to and contact technical support to be able to use this function.

Integration with Shopmania

Integration with Shop Mania is used to automatically upload your products to ShopMania web portal.

NOTE: is a product catalog, where you can upload all of your products. A basic package is free of charge; all the additional information you can find on their official web site.