Google Adwords - advertising on google

Google Adwords - advertising on google

What are AdWords?

When someone says ‘Internet’, one of the first concepts everyone can think of is - Google. We can definitely agree no other browser can really compete with it. When we have a question, or we want to buy something, or we are curious to find something out - Google is the one we turn to, and whose answers we trust.

When a potential customer is searching the web for a product or a service you are selling, wouldn’t it be great if Google served you as a search result? How to make Google work for you? The answer is - AD WORDS. AdWords is Google’s advertising tool, which allows you to define your own budget, a price you are willing to pay for a click, and how much money you want to spend daily for one ad.

With a professionally designed ad, the right keywords and effectively set up budget, you’ll get exactly what we are all aiming for: the best advertisement, placed on the most popular search engine, showed directly to your targeted customer, at a minimal cost.


Why AdWords?

Have you been thinking (or maybe even trying) advertising on TV, in newspapers and on billboards in high-traffic areas? You must have realized that significant funds are required for a commercial that does not guarantee you anything. You do not have any influence on how the customers are affected by such an advertisement and will it or will it not steer them into your store or make them want to visit your website. So you pay a considerable amount of money without any guarantee of success, and you cannot even measure the effect of your advertisement.

AdWords provides you with a complete statistics; the results are precise and measurable and you pay only when visitors REALLY click on your Google AdWords ad and visit your website. Of course not all visits end in a purchase, so you need a professional and serious team that will set up your ads to be served precisely to the target customers.

How does it work?

AdWords offers two types of advertising: contextual advertising and search advertising based on keywords. Contextual advertising gives you the opportunity to advertise on websites with similar thematic content, which means you can target your customer more precisely.

Search advertising makes your ads appear in Google search when users type in certain keywords. This way you will reach customers who are deliberately looking for the product or service you offer - your ad appears in the shaded part of the search results on the top or the bottom of the page. Even in this case you do not have to worry about paying more than you should or that Google will needlessly serve your ads and make you pay ​​per view, because this cannot happen. You are paying only for a click, meaning that you are paying solely for a visit of the user who was looking for exactly what you are offering, who found your ad attractive enough to visit your website. These are so called quality visits that most frequently end with a purchase.

It is important to note that Google has an excellent security system that will not allow the competition or frivolous people to unnecessarily click on your ad multiple times. Google will not let you be charged for these kinds of malicious activities.

Why us?

Because Studio Present is a team of young people who understand and explore the modern market and marketing channels every day. We follow and implement innovations to make our clients advertising better and more efficient. Our clients’ ads have proven to be far ahead of the competition in the industries to which they belong.

All of our team members have a Google certificate to work with AdWords. What we can guarantee are high quality and well tailored advertisements that will attract a large number of quality visits to your website at minimum cost.

We monitor the statistics for our customers on a daily basis and respond promptly to any defect or a need for a change. So far, there were no uncomfortable surprises for us on the market. We prepare regular concise and specific reports, to let our clients know where their money is spent and what they get for it!